Strip at the Inaugural Dinner …

Stormy Daniels says lawyer Avenatti sued Trump for defamation without her OK

There are so many cliche’ we can used to describe this stumbling disastrous duo.

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When the worm turns – are you talking to me – who me, you got the wrong guy –  when the shit hits the fan, everyone runs for cover –  When things go pear-shaped – The other shoe drops –  When things go a bit Pete Tong – It’s all going nonlinear – At home, things have gone all Lord of the Flies – everything’s gone a-hoo’ – ‘it’s hair, teeth and eyes all over the place. – “When the rubber meets the road” – when things get real”  – “when the bottom drops out – Things go pear-shaped. Things explode. Things go all cattywumpus. Things go nonlinear – When things go sideways – (Favorite British saying) Tit’s up and Cocked up – by now you get the drift.


Did these two status seeking, money hungry, wanna be famous fools really think that they could go after PDT and come away clean?? Fa-get-a-bout-it!! Their attack on PDT and now their assaults on one another just demonstrates who they are and what they are.

It would have been an entirely different situation if, like WBC, who had his the under side of desk in the Oval Office inspected, PDT would have crossed the line while he was president. BUTT to try an discredit a good looking guy, a man about town, has broads falling over him, with a few billion in his back pocket. The man is only human.

Is it the right thing to do, cheat on the Little Lady?? Absolutely no. BUTT I am sure the misses knew The Donald’s track record before she married him.

Then, Up Jumps The Devil with these two clowns coming into the picture, trying to make a few buck$ and become famous.  All is well and good between them until it gets hot and heavy. By then the two fools may have had second thought about going after PDT. Everything was backfiring on them. They both start devising method to screw the other one.  Now they are at each-others throats like two lions in the bush fighting over a kill. 

They were getting so close to one another at one time, I was wait for Avenatti to pop the question to Stormy. With his aspirations for the run on the Big Chair in 2020, hypothetically if he won, (FAT CHANCE) Stormy could have been the 1st Lady of the USA.  GMAFB. I can just see the headlines now.


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls around the world, this is new first for the United States of America. With people from around the world watching, the 1st Lady Stormy Avenatti shocked us all (even her new hubby) by stripping at the Inaugural Dinner. 

New hubby the president was not too happy with her escapades and told her, if she didn’t get off the table and put her cloths back on, he was going to sue her.  The 1st lady’s response to her pissed of hubby was; that is how this whole mess got started!!  You better find a good ambulance chaser!!

If nothing else, the game of I’m gonna get ya between the two is comical.  Like the Car-dash-e-ans, they are great example to the kids in this country, what not to aspire to become.

I can’t wait to see the video of the dinner.

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