Hot headed pugilist

California woman who allegedly ‘punched, choked’ McDonald’s employee is arrested

This hot headed female pugilist went berserk when an employee at the Golden Arches shorted her ketchup with her order.

The madwomen got out of her car, ran inside Mickie D’s behind the counter and attacked the lady that shorted her ketchup, pulling her hair and beating about the head and shoulders until she as physically pulled off.

I can’t even imagine what the hell this she-devil would have done if they left the pickle off of her Big Mac?? She probably would have gone home, got her trusty AK 57, came back and shot up the place, killing a half a dozen people.

In a way I can’t entirely blame the nutty lady for getting so pissed off. The misers at Mc Donalds will only allow one ketchup per order of fries, any additional costs .45$. The poor slobs are not making enough $oldi.

I don’t know what the hell happened to service industry and pleasing the customer. The business world has gone hog wild raping the consumer in as many ways as possible.

Some people are getting tired of being pushed around, being used and abused financially and are not going to take it anymore.

Before we know it, the people that work in the fast food industry are going to need bullet proof vests for their protection.


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