Another overly-zealous fool ….

Talk about PDT running off at the mouth. To date; I haven’t heard him wanting to put anyone in Boot Hill. 

‘Broth of Legionella’ remark about GOP colleague’s kin gets Democrat in hot water in Illinois

What the hell is the matter with these pent-up-with-anger fools?? What are they so pissed off about that they want to kill people that does not agree with them? If that is how all of mankind took care of business, this planet would be void of human-beings. 

You are right, I am trying to make her look worse than she is.  Isn’t that how the game is played.  She must be just another hysterical democrat.

A Democratic state lawmaker in Illinois is facing calls to resign after saying Tuesday she wanted to mix a “broth of Legionella” bacteria to infect the “loved one” of her Republican colleague.

The remark by state Rep. Stephanie Kifowit, directed at GOP Rep. Peter Breen, came amid a heated debate over a bill aimed at helping families of those who died or became sickened by a Legionnaires’ outbreak at a state-run veterans home.

“To the representative from Lombard, I would like to make him a broth of Legionella and pump it into the water system of his loved one so that they can be infected, they can be mistreated, they can sit and suffer by getting aspirin instead of being properly treated and ultimately die,” she said.

Old Stephy  is one cold/calloused lady. She sure knows how to put the malocchio out there.


I can’t help butt wonder how the esteemed rep from Illinois feels about gun control?? I better not AXE her, she might poison me.

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