Grandstanding FOOL…..

Democratic Sen. Brian Schatz deletes tweet suggesting ‘chemical weapons’ used at US-Mexico border

Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, ultimately deleted his questionable tweet about tear gas at the U.S-Mexico border.

Schatz is just one of the fools on the other side of the isle that will attempt to make a situation look as bad as they possibly can, in an attempt to discredit the other side. The ironic thing is; they DO NOT have a sensibleness/workable/commonsense/safe solution.  The sports world calls them Monday Morning jack-offs. 

Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, tweeted Sunday that the use of tear gas against Central American migrants who attempted to enter the U.S. illegally may have been a violation of international agreements governing the use of chemical weapons — before he backtracked.

Although tear gas falls into the chemical weapon category, I am sure that was not the intent of the fool senator when he used the term chemical weapons. The next thing his kind may come up with is, the use of nerve gas to control the crowds.

Leaving it up to some demented democrats, they are going to make the situation at the boarder look as negative and bad as possible to discredit PDT.  It is called FAKE NEWS. 

I still standing on my soap box, screaming at these fools, AXING; what would they do in the same situation??  If their only solution is to open the boarders, they are very sick people. 

Fools that are calling for open boarders have no idea how many boxcars full of worms they would be opening  if the immigration gates swing wide open. In no time at all, this country will become overrun with immigrants, who in their midst are scores of criminals and unsavory characters. There logic, whatever it is, has no logic behind it. 

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AGAIN: yelling from the top of my soapbox. No one is denying anyone admission to this country, if they go through the proper steps of vetting and pass the tests. 

Before this is all over, (no telling where it will end) there are going to be some very drastic measures needed to be taken by the military and the boarder patrol to keep these people back. Most probably there are going to be some people killed. What is the solution when illegals are throwing rocks and anything they can get their hands on at the boarder guards?? I do expect gun fire from both sides. IT AIN’T GONNA BE PRETTY. 

I would love to know where it is written that the USA or any other country is COMPELLED to open their gates to anyone. It would be the same thing as the government demanding that all citizens of this country MUST allow anyone or everyone total access to their private homes.   

I will give an example so the mentally challenged can understand. Many of the bridges in this country are hanging on by a thread just waiting to fall apart. The governemnt knows their condition and what the consequences are if they are not attended to, BUTT as usual they ignoring it, acting like the problem does not exist.  Up jumps the devil and one of the major bridges collapses with about 100 cars on it, killing scores of people. All of a sudden the chest-beaters come out from under their desk and grandstand, yelling, we have to fix these bridges. They knew the potential dangers that existed if the bridges were not repaired, BUTT ignored it.  The same thing applies to opening the boarders. They know what the consequences are, BUTT they are ignoring them. 

Now we have scores of people dead, something that could have been prevented if the proper steps were taken. The moral of the story is, do what needs to be done before a catastrophe happens, it will save a lot of lives and heart aches in the future. 

When the shit finally hits the fan, none of the culprits  are anywhere to be found. Do we think that the people or persons responsible for repairing the metaphorical  bridges should be held responsible if and when they fall apart? Based on reasonable conditions; I do!!

Anyone with any G-2 (military for intelligence) has to know what the consequences will be in the long run if they ignore the conditions of the proverbial rotted bridges (allowing unvetted, undocumented illegals into this country). If left unchecked, as so many fools subscribe to, eventually it will have disastrous consequences. 

SOOOO, to all the Boulder Rollers; what is your foolproof solution?? Take a good hard look at many of the people in this country that are living far worse than some of the illegals. How about giving them a helping hand?? 

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That may sound cruel to some people to turn others away, BUTT it is a fact of life. Self preservation is one of the most instinctive/precious human rights a person has.  At least, someone with any sense. 

Does anyone think that by swinging the gates open to the USA or anywhere else it is going to stop the atrocities that take place in other countries, the reason most people are fleeing?? Think again.  It has been going on for decades and will continue. 

Did the conditions in any of the countries we ILLEGALLY INVADED in the Middle East change after we left?? YES THEY DID, they got worse.  Point being, leave well enough alone.  Reason with common-sense and take off the blinders. The USA can not and should not try to be the savior of the world. 


Only when it affects the bleeding hearts, when it starts costing them directly, when it impacts their way of life, will they ever change their tune. MAYBE!!

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