GOP Rep. Mia Love hits Trump in concession speech: He has ‘no real relationships’ | Fox News

I would say that makes him smarter than most people.

There are some people in this world that develop relationships and fall in love in 5 seconds after they meet someone.

Oh I love you, you’re a great friend, I never met anyone like you before; all of that is superficial in a lot of nonsense.

True relationships and friendships are developed over time, they are not instantaneous.

So if Ms Love implies that PDT does not have relationships just acquaintances, I would conclude he’s smarter than she is.

Cold hard facts; it is a brutal world out there, and for the most part, when someone is patting you on the back, they probably have an ice pick in their hand.

Sooo. Ms. LOVE, love is not exactly what it’s build up to be.

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