Trump doubles down on his defense of the Saudis

Trump doubles down on his defense of the Saudis

It takes giant balls to stand up against overwhelming odds, even if the person knows there is a possibility they are wrong. BUTT for the betterment of all parties concerned this person has to take the unenviable unpopular route.

In my opinion Donald Trump has bigger balls the most pawn shops. He is not always right?Maybe not even 50% of the time,BUTT I would say for the most part, on the important conditions that matter, yes.

He has been voted in and accepted the role of bringing the USA back to its greatness, against All Odds and criticism.

Was the reporter unjustifiably executed and dismembered? Quite possible. But as I alluded to yesterday; is one man’s life worth the price we would have to pay to Revenge his death? That is a very tough choice to make.

It is so easy for the Monday Morning Quarterbacks to sit back and criticize everything that PDT does, butt I am very curious to know how they would respond under similar circumstances.

Aren’t these PC fool’s tired of being a doormat for the rest of the world??

If you live in a glass house oh, you should never roll boulders.

The moral of this story is; always keep your eye on the Hog and your finger on the trigger.

We cannot always eat filet mignon at every meal, sometimes we have to eat a little liver to appreciate the steak. A metaphor for having to except some things in life not to our liking, but necessary for survival in the long run.

Basically this same situation exists between PDT and The Kid Dictator. If anyone believes that PDT has any use for the kid, they are totally mistaken. PDT has to do what he has to do for the betterment of everyone involved.

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