A word to the wise should have been sufficient…

USA TODAY: Federal report says US impacts of climate change are intensifying


A word to the wise should have been sufficient many years ago. BUTT As We all should know, the arrogance of mankind, in our attempts to ignore potentially drastic/ catastrophic ecological situations hoping they will go away or be passed On to the Next Generation and not have an immediate effect. The time has come. Read the news.

It is a very sad commentary that the people who controls our destiny in the world, their primary concern has always been about money and power, not the well-being of mankind.

As the old saying goes; pay me now or pay me later; later may have already be upon us.

I believe that climate change is cyclical and happens every few thousand years, butt anyone that is ignorant enough, or stubborn enough not to admit that mankind has had a very strong impact on Mother Nature by our negligence, they are only bullshitting themselves. Even a fool knows better.

It is the obligation of a good parent to pass on to their kids a better life than they had. This in many ways is not our Legacy.

It would be substantially different if the signs were not there and these conditions all of a sudden appeared. That is not the case. We have had decades, centuries, and generations to correct these ecological problems, BUTT like an ostrich with his head buried in the sand, we lied to our self and try to deny the fact that we were trying to kill Mother Nature. BUTT, guess what, she won the war.

It probably is already too late to turn This Disaster around, and the Pied Piper has arrived to collect what is due to him.

Like Batman said, hold on to your cape Robbin, The Best Is Yet To Come.

One last parting thought; we should all be ashamed of ourselves for the kind of disastrous Legacy we have left for our future Generations!!! The handwriting was on the wall, BUTT no one paid attention.

Not only the manner in which we have abused Mother Nature, BUTT also the conditions mankind has created in the racial discourse department, terrorism, gang related issues, drugs, alcohol and other personal abuses that has brought this world to it’s knees. These conditions are ALL man made and man perpetuated.  Who do we have to blame, no one BUTT ourselves.

Our ONLY salvation is EDUCATION. Based on that premise, I do not see anything positive long range at the end of the tunnel, except a high-speed train coming at us full speed ahead.

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2 Responses to A word to the wise should have been sufficient…

  1. JCscuba says:

    I for one don’t believe a bit of the man caused Global warming con. There is no scientific evidence done in a prospective fashion. In addition NASA has just refuted it’s earlier findings. Abstracts presented by the authors at Kyoto have been pulled. Abstracts show what results are expected to receive, i.e. early analysis of data. How do we explain that the believers data shows in increase before the industrial revolution? Yes their is continual climate change in of itself.
    Think the role of sun spots from NASA through the scientific American. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/sun-spots-and-climate-change/
    On a personal note, I was interested that during the little ice age, Scuba Divers found an underground village in 80 feet of water under the Thames river.
    https://whatyouthoughtiwentaway.wordpress.com/2018/11/13/lack-of-sunspots-to-bring-record-cold-warns-nasa-scientists/ I’m not a hard ass about it but here’s something else to consider why won’t Algore debate his data or allow reporters into the room when he speaks, why will he not take questions. The inconvenient truth for all and and those who have made millions from global warming offset chits have accomplished nothing. . https://ssir.org/book_reviews/entry/climate_science_as_culture_war
    The Top Ten Global Warming Lies that will shock you. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamestaylor/2015/02/09/top-10-global-warming-lies-that-may-shock-you/#269b6cc653a5

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