BUTT the fools still glorify the man ….

Monica Lewinsky details Bill Clinton affair, terrifying meeting with investigators in new doc

We live in a country where it is said; all men are created equal!!




I can’t think of anything that PDT has done that can even come close to what Wild Bill’s indiscretions were. YET, WB is glorified by a group of fools/lost sheep that continued supporting now and him after his affair with a naive young intern. So naive, Lewinsky thought that WB someday would leave CHC and shack up with her permanently.

It is difficult for me to believe that Lewinsky feels used and abused by all the negative publicity she is exposed to because of her affair with WB.  Every-time we turn around she is appearing on a talk show, writing another book or blabbing about her fling with the EX-president.

Monica Lewinsky is telling all in a new interview that details her affair with former President Bill Clinton and how the scandal forever changed her life, Fox News has learned.

A&E confirmed the 45-year-old provided an in-depth reflection about the shocking events in a six-part docu-series titled “The Clinton Affair” from Academy Award and Emmy-winning producer Alex Gibney’s Jigsaw Productions, as well as Emmy-winning director Blair Foster.

Lewinsky can not be too distraught if she is continually on the circuit try to carve out a living, telling about her and WB’s roll in the hay loft.

I said it many times before. If WB would have been caught with someone his age or slightly younger, it would have not bothered me and the normal people in this country as much. Most of the men that sat in the Big Chair whored around. BUTT, Monica is only 6 years older than WB’s daughter. Classy guy.

The affair with Lewinsky was NOT WB’s first time going astray. When he was governor, he had steady stream of women being deliver to his private quarters by the State Troopers on a frequent basis. Narcissistic people like him,  get away with it once, twice, three times and soon think they are invincible.

Like some criminals. If they would rob one or two banks and quit, they may have gotten away with it\. BUTT the fact they have a need for greed, that is what nails them. With the bank robbers it is all about the money. With WB it was all about ego and booty from a young lady.

That being said; it still dumbfounds me how this man retains his popularity??  Birds of a feather are all idiots. What if it were their daughter?? Based on the mentality of some of the fools, they probably would wear it as a badge of honor that their daughter had a sexual affair with the president of the USA.

Monica; I have a little advice for you. If you are feeling used and abused; ferme la bouche.  If you clam up, possibly in 30 years the whole thing will BLOW over; if you are lucky.

I really don’t care what anyone says; CHC had to know abut her old man’s extra curricular activities.  Don’t forget what era they came from, sex, drugs and rock and roll.

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Who would have thunk!!!!


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