Is that all they GOT??????

Mark Penn, Andrew Stein: Yes, Hillary Clinton will run again — Here’s how she’ll easily win the nomination


What about three times????

If PDT keeps on his present course of Making America great again; even with his numerous idiosyncrasies, he will one again beat the pants off of CHC. She is not a match for The Donald.

Is that all they GOT?? With the millions of democratic members, is the all they GOT?? If so, if CHC gets the nod again, the democrats will once again get stomped into the ground. Then what they hell will they do – what will they say – who will hey blame??

As bad as PDT presumably is in some areas, he can not hold a candle to the Clinton Clan when it comes to possibly criminal offenses committed by them.

These are for starters:

It’s Time To Prosecute The Clinton Political Crime Syndicate …

Dec 19, 2017 – Bill and Hillary Clinton have committed numerous criminal acts that remain … with political crime and injustice likely to get worse, perhaps risking … the disappearance of Hillary Clinton’s billing records from the Rose Law Firm …

The Clinton Crime Family. « Hillary is the Most Dangerous Presidential 

The so-called Clinton Foundation is a suspected criminal enterprise, masquerading as a … “There is ample evidence already in the public recordthat the Clinton … wars, along with her Sino/Russian hostility makes the unthinkable possible.

Hillary Clinton could still face charges over emails, experts say

Jun 14, 2018 – … spies face a variety of criminal charges for mishandling classified records. … Because of the passage of time, it’s possible Clintoncannot be …

Criminal charges against Clinton could have set new legal standard …

Jul 5, 2016 – Criminal charges against Clinton could have set new legal standard …. in a criminal investigation who destroyed 34,000 records who didn’t get indicted.” … Another big reason Clinton is likely off the legal hook: while Comey …

They will have had 4 years to come up with a suitable candidate to run against PDT, BUTT the best they can do is CHC??  That is not saying much for the download (1)party.

I haven’t been able to figure out if their mascot is a donkey or a jackass??  Based on  many of their illogical moves, I think I will ne forced to choose door # 2.






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