Sen. Manchin: U.S. “on the verge” of constitutional crisis over Sessions

Sen. Manchin: U.S. “on the verge” of constitutional crisis over Sessions

I said this in a few of my previous post. I have never seen anything like the Changing of the Guard that is taking place in the Trump Administration. He should have installed about a dozen revolving doors to keep up with all the traffic going in and out.

We used to be able to identify the stability of an organization by how long it kept its employees. If this is a barometer that we use with the Trump Administration, it is not Saying much for his organization.

There is absolutely no doubt that PDT has a big problem with either choosing his cabinet or keeping them. As Richard Nixon used to say; the buck stops here.

He has to realize sooner or later, that he cannot have his cake and eat it too. Before you know it he is going to run out of people that want to serve with him, if in fact he hasn’t reached that point already.

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