Get back, loosing judge style …

Texas judge releases juvenile defendants after losing election

This nut-case Juvenile Court Judge Glenn Devlin should be locked up for his deliberate actions that can possibly endanger the public.


Because he lost the election, he thinks he is doing a get-back at all the people that didn’t vote for him.

Hours after losing his bid for re-election, a Harris County, Texas judge released almost all the youthful defendants who appeared in front of him, apparently saying it was what voters wanted.

Before he swung the cell doors open he AXED all the prisoners one question:

“‘If I release you, are you going to go out and kill anybody?’” Halpert quoted Devlin as saying to his client and others.

After responding they wouldn’t, Devlin said ‘OK, you’re released,’” 

What did the out-going fool think they were going to say???

The lucky furlough gang were in the slams for various crimes, some violent.  The offenders accused of everything from low-level misdemeanors to violent crimes. Four were facing aggravated robbery charges.

I know it is impossible for the laws to cover every possible offense, especially one as ridiculous as the judge pulled; BUTT I think the ex-judge to be should be charged with endangering the public and have him serve the times for all that he set free.

Lets do a wait and see how many of these freed jail birds re-offend.  It would be poetic justice if the robbed the house of the judge that set them free.

There certainly are some dangerous people with a lot of authority wearing the black robes.


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