The No Balls Club …..


Hollywood conservatives say more stars stay quiet to avoid public backlash, being blacklisted

I call them the NO BALLS CLUB; people in hiding because they are scared to express their political or personal opinions because of retaliation.  Here are a few of them.


There are a very large group of conservative celebs and high rollers out there that are in proverbial  hiding for fear of being ostracized by their peers.

In my opinion, and I have many, if these COWARDS OF THE COUNTY stood up and were recognized, possibly their actions would sway some of the loony liberals to jump ship and COME ON DOWN.  If not, whats the difference? At the very least, don’t be afraid to voice your opinion.  NEWS FLASH: They know who and what you are whether you know it or not!!

It is a shame that people are discriminated for their religious, political or personal beliefs.  If I was the owner of a company, what the hell should I care if a person is in love with CHC or Pelosi as long as it does not interfere with the performance of their work.  The same goes on a social level.

I know quiet a few people that are on the other side. I may not think they are right in what they believe in, BUTT that does not altar my opinion of them as long as they are not an extreme radical or a flaming nuts case.

Many people look down on the gay community.  Everybody is born different. I have no problem with someone being gay as long as one of their WHIPPING BOYS doesn’t try to put the moves on me. It should be, BUTT unfortunately is not, a live and let live society.

Just think of all the worlds problems that would eliminated if EVERYONE accepted others for who and what they are. As I expounded on many times; we don’t have to love or even like one a other, just RESPECT the other guy and he/she should RESPECT us.

SOOOO,  I say to all of the members of the COWARDS OF THE COUNTY CLUB; come out come out wherever you are.  Stand up and be recognized; possibly someone on the other side of the fence may agree with you. If not, that is strictly their business.



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