Anti-Semitic crime in New York “spiked” ahead of Pittsburgh synagogue massacre

Anti-Semitic crime in New York “spiked” ahead of Pittsburgh synagogue massacre

These people that Foster hate crimes are a bunch of sick bastards. What the hell ever happened to the old cliche or way of life, Live and Let Live.

It seems to me that this country is going in reverse as far as prejudice against races and religions. It is a very sad time in our history.

Sad to say, it appears to me that there are certain elements out there that are promoting all of this hatred, all in the attempt to take u.s. down. They should be weeded out and hung it at High Noon.

The entire world has to be scoffing at the way the American people conduct themselves. I guess nobody told all the dissenters, we are supposed to be a civilized society.

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