Can be all a set-up ……

Migrant caravan pushes through perilous stretch as Trump’s military warnings continue

I did a post the other day stating that this immigration thing can and probably will get very ugly.  The closer the immigrants get, the more precarious the situation gets.

This can evolve into a Kent State situation where the troops open up on the immigrants.  All one of the immigrants would have to do is throw road or other harmful, potential deadly missiles at the troops. PDT said he regards a rock the same as a rifle, Guess what, he is correct.


The more I think about this contrived/calculated maneuver by the immigrants, the more I think it was funded by some one or some organization to put the hammer to the USA and specifically PDT. There would be ABSOLUTELY nothing that would harm/discredit  PDT with his position as president if the troops open up on the immigrants. If the situation  presents itself, what option does he have??

This is a what if?? What if some/one of the immigrants do try to harm the troops?? What should the response of the troops be?? What would the nay-sayers do if they were on the front lines and their lives were in jeopardy?? Probably run.

PDT has gone on record implying that he will use deadly force. Regardless what the far-left or any other fanatical factions believes, that is the right thing to do.  It is PDT’s responsibility to keep this country safe and protect the troops whose job it is to defend the USA. AXE Goliath if a rock can kill a person.

Trump Says Throwing Rocks At US Troops Is The Same As Shooting …

2 days ago – When they throw rocks like they did at the Mexico military and police, I said: Consider it a rifle.”

Equating rocks with rifles, Trump proposes radical new rules of …

2 days ago – The president said if migrants try to throw rocks at U.S. troops, … consider that a firearm, because there’s not much difference where you get hit …

‘Consider it a rifle’: Trump says migrants throwing rocks will be treated …

2 days ago – In his remarks, Trump said that “there’s not much difference” between a firearm and getting hit in the face with a rock. “They want to throw rocks …

Donald Trump Says If Migrant Caravan Throws Stones, ‘We Would …

2 days ago – Consider it a rifle,” Trump said on Thursday. … not muchdifference when you get hit in the face with a rock,” Trump said to reporters in the Oval …

Trump: Rocks Thrown By Migrants Will Be Considered Firearms By US …

2 days ago – … rocks at U.S. law enforcement or military it would be considered the same as firing on … Trump continued of any rock throwing “we will consider it, the maximum that we can consider that… … I told them to consider it a rifle.”.


I hope and pray that it does not get to that; BUTT I am not very hopeful it won’t.  There are despicable people on this earth that want to bring PDT and the USA down and they will use any means or tactics necessary to do so, even if it means blood shed and death at the boarders.

My recommendation to the immigrants is; follow the law, make your entry into the USA legally and DO NOT take any offensive action against the troops. IT WILL NOT BE PRETTY.

It is disgraceful what our world and uncivilized society has evolved into.


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