What the hell are trying to prove???

Celeb style: How low can they go?

Why the hell wear anything at all?



It seems to me that many of these exhibitionist do something outlandish to get attention when their popularity is dwindling. They should never hang a “T” bone steak in front of a starving dog.

Like Janet Jackson with her supposed wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl. GMAFB.  As sure as god made little green apples, she had that stunt planned 6 months ahead of time.  Than she put on the performance of the year trying to convince people it was accidental.


Many of the celebs exhibitionist who dress or can we say undress so provocatively, are the first ones to cry FOUL if someone would notice their indecency and make a comment or grabs their ass.  Why do the dress the way they do if they were not want to draw attention to themselves??

Personally I don’t really care what some fools do in their life, as long as it does not impact me or my family. My objection to their indecent behavior, is the examples they set for the young kids. When their kids follow in their foot steps, they wonder what the hell happened. Many times their stories ends tragically in death.


25 Celebrity Kids Who Are Embarrassments To Their Famous Parents

They’re out of control!

25 celebrities who have problem children. Just like other parents, celebrities can end up with great kids – or kids that make them look terrible. Even their riches and fame can’t stop their kids from being totally embarrassing. Hopefully they’ll grow out of it!

The ignorance of some of these people is astounding. If many of them would not have caught a break or been related to someone IN THE BUSINESS, they would be hanging on the back of a garbage truck yell; PULL UP!!
download (3)
As the world spins out of control, we should always keep one thing in mind if we do not want our kids and grand-kids to wind up in the gutter; we all are products of our environment and kids learn by examples.

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