PDT’s worm is turning ….


Trump beats media by using their own ‘narcissism’ against them, ex-‘Daily Show’ host Jon Stewart says

“What [President Trump has] done well, I thought, is appeal to [journalists’] own narcissism, to their own ego … They say, ‘We are noble, we are honorable, how dare you, sir!’ And they take it personally.”

— Jon Stewart

Essentially what PDT is, is a master at the playing the dozens game. Just like on the streets; when someone calls another out and wants to bust their balls, instead of pulling out the switch blades and pistols, they engage in a non-violent game of the dozens. 

BUSTER # 1 – Don’t play the dozens cause the dozens ain’t your game, I knocked up your Ma Ma and your Daddy got the blame.  Then the other verbal combatant tries to out due/top his adversary.

BUSTER # 2 – You’r Ma Ma is so dumb, she thought her menstrual cycle had wheels.  And so on and so on until they come to a stalemate or one of the combatants runs out of verbal ammo.

The very foolish left-media and all of the Boulder Rollers thought they had a pansy they could kick around like an old tin can when PDT took over The Big Chair; were they ever wrong. PDT probably has a bigger set of nuts than all of them combined.

Personally, I don’t know how the man shrugs all of the barrage of bombs dropped on him. He is one resilient mother.

In short, he is the MASTER OF THE DOZENS.  He can play the game better than them all; many times getting down right nasty; BUTT like the old TV show slogan was:

download (1).jpg


I do commend him for most of what he says and does, BUTT there are times when he gets a little crazy and goes overboard with his responses/comebacks.

What surprises me, in some of the extreme case, he has not taken legal action against some of the more aggressive attacks on him and his family. According to the law, they  ARE punishable offenses. Like when the out of control bitch Madonna said; she was going to blow up the Casa Bianca.

Madonna’s “blowing up the White House” Women’s March on …


Jan 23, 2017 – Her mention of “blowing up the White House” at the Women’s March on … saying that she thought of, quote, “burning down the White House.”
To my way of thinking, that is taking THE CAUSE to extremes. Not only was she threatening PDT, she was also putting his family in jeopardy, and possibly planting a seed in some nuts-case’s head.
In an interview with Dave Chappelle on Tuesday, Jon Stewart talking about Trump’s frequent battles against the media organizations and the fact that he has done very will. 

“What [President Trump has] done well, I thought, is appeal to [journalists’] own narcissism, to their own ego … They say, ‘We are noble, we are honorable, how dare you, sir!’ And they take it personally.” — Jon Stewart

From where I sit, noble and honorable are absolutely not the adjectives I would use to describe most of the far-left-fools!!

I think it is perfectly acceptable to knock PDT when he gets out of line, BUTT when he is batting 1,000, he deserves the acknowledgement.

It is not surprising to me that some of his critics are coming around. When anything is staring a person right in the face, it is very difficult to deny it exists, unless they are a total imbecile or hypocrites.

Lets be realistic; is PDT the perfect package?? Hell No. BUTT what would the alternative would have been? Heaven help us.




Aside from PDT faults, no one should deny he is very patriotic, unlike our past president (TMC) who at one time refused to wear the American flag on his lapel,

Obama stops wearing American flag pin – NBC News

he hates to be any ones door mat – foreign domestic,  fights for what he believes in (not always right BUTT who is), has done more in may areas than those that came before him (got prisoners released from foreign captors), essentially is looking out for the health and welfare of everyone in the USA (even his most staunch critics) can not be bought off by special interest groups as has been the policy of most DC-ers. In some instances, PDT has even attempting to pass legislation that would impact his bottom line. Who else has done that?

I commend Jon Stewart and a few of the others that have at times busted PDT balls, BUTT also are intelligent enough to acknowledge some of his brighter side.


JA thanks for the call!! Nothing like an old friends. They are like hens teeth; very hard to find.

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