The pot calling the kettle black …

Obama slams Trump, Republicans while urging Midwest crowds to vote

For a guy that set the USA back 30 years to stand on his soap box criticizing someone else, we either have to give him an A for effort or Roll a Few Boulders at him.

I have said this from day one; Obama has balls. Having balls can be construed in many ways. Having balls to jump out of plane with no parachute, climbing Everest wear shorts and a tank top, smashing ones face into a table full of broken glass or grabbing the Incredible Hulk’s old lady’s boob and patting her ass in front of the guy. As we can see, having balls can also be very stupid.

Which category we put TMC in depends on who you talk to. Some people adore/love him and some hate him. Using the old cliché; love is blind.  In TMC’s case, the people who love him refuse to acknowledge all of the mistakes/blunders TMC made while sitting in the Big Chair.

Those are just for starters.

TMC did for the USA what Fidel did for Cuba, putting us behind 30 years. Now that he has taken his sabbatical after his presidency, collecting all the chips owed him for past favors, or any he could shake out of the tree, he has the goolunies to go on tour busting PDT’s tomatoes. I guess TMC never heard of the living in the glass house cliché!!

If TMC or anyone else can explain just one move TMC made and justify it properly, they may change my mind about the man. What is going on in a person head that would give/release 151 billion dollar$ to an enemy that has 1,000’s of time publicly vowed to destroy them. I said it before and I will say it again; whose side is the man on??

Iran Supreme Leader Vows to Destroy America, Says Promoting …


May 27, 2014 – In a speech to parliament, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Sunday vowed to destroy the U.S., which he held responsible for …

Iran General: Our Ultimate Goal Is the Destruction of America And Israel

Jan 5, 2015 – Iran General: Our Ultimate Goal Is the Destruction of AmericaAnd Israel … has also called for the continuation of the fight to destroy America, saying: … “All promises of our great Imam [Khameini] have come true,” Naghdi said.

Iran pledges to destroy Israel within 25 years as tensions rise

Apr 22, 2018 – “We hear the threats from Iran. IDF fighters and the security branches are ready for any development. We will fight anyone who tries to harm us,”.
How many more example do you want?? 
The threats were made before, during and after the 151 billion wa$ released. Again, explain TMC’s rational and logic behind it. That in itself probably was and will be the ABSOLUTE WORST political decision ever made in the history of the USA and will DEFINITELY  affect the entire world somewhere down the line.
NOWWWWW; considering this monumental act a deliberate, accidental or a very stupid move; how can TMC throw stones at anyone??
download in mind one thing. Obama had two missions in mind when he put his hand on the Koran in 2008. He wanted to be the 1st president to get universal health care for all Americans., at what cost to the country, it did not matter to him. 2nd, he had an obsession with making a deal with the devil (Iran) and again at what cost it didn’t matter to him.
What were his intentions in the two deals that both went sour?? Absolutely not for the betterment of the people, BUTT only to get his name in the history book, so he something to hang on the wall of the 1.5 billion dollar library he is building to honor himself.
If you think that is odd, flaky or foolish; he is the same guy that is pushing for UNIVERSAL INCOME, BUTT has not been able to tell us how he would pay for it.  You think I am kidding??

Obama and Bezos Could Make Basic Income Work – Bloomberg


Universal basic income (UBI) is a model for providing all citizens of a country or other geographic area with a given sum of money, regardless of their income, resources or employment status. The purpose of the UBI is to prevent or reduce poverty and increase equality among citizens. 
One little insignificant tidbit left out of the definition.  The recipients are NOT required have to work to receive the hand out.  That is right; everyone gets a monthly check, BUTT no one is required to work for it.
A stupid move like this could be called welfare/relief on steroids. Welfare and relief are two of the most expensive programs the USA has. I say it is all well and good for the NEEDY to collect; BUTT the biggest problem is with the parasites that collect that are not eligible.
SOOOOO; to pour gasoline on an already raging fire, we have an ex-president that is suggesting Universal Income that would completely destroy the country.

Obama Floats Support for Universal Basic Income – Free Beacon

Jul 18, 2018 – Barack Obama voiced his support for a universal basic income, which would ensure every citizen received a minimum income from the …
Just like all of the rest of the bait the irresponsible politicians throw into the lake, they know good and well that the vast majority of what they are suggesting is NOT feasible, yet they do it strictly to sir up the pot, to get the votes and deceive the voters.  To me that is a very irresponsible/underhanded political tactic. Are they ashamed of themselves for being so decietful??
8  NO.

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