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USA Today

‘Multiple casualties’ at Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. 3 officers shot

Our violent society has become so used to mass murders and unpleasant news it has become anesthetized to any such activity. Mass shootings used to be front page news; STOP THE PRESSES and so forth. Now it is hidden on the back pages and accepted as part of our everyday lifestyles/rituals.

Teams of armed police swarmed a residential neighborhood near downtown Pittsburgh Saturday morning in response to an active shooter in or near a synagogue. Residents were urged to shelter in place as armed law enforcement agents canvassed the neighborhood.

A police official said officers had found “mutliple casualties” on the scene. 

Pittsburgh television station KDKA-TV reported that eight people have been killed and a number of others injured. A male suspect has surrendered to police and three police officers were also reportedly shot, according to the station.  

What is the answer? That is a very good question, possibly there is no answer, except EDUCATING our young to live a more intelligent way and not to follow the foot steps of present generations. EDUCATION is the only answer.

If we started today, it would take about 50 years or more to regain our sanity as it once was, BUTT I don’t see it happening.  As a whole, our once civilized society have fallen too far down the pit of self-destruction and I do not see us climbing out.

I have been touting EDUCATION for years as remedy to a resolution to bad behavior, BUTT unless a politician comes up with a suggestion them-self, to them it is not a good one.

Just think; if they (the fools in DC) would have spent all the time and money on restructuring our educational system to advance our kids back to acceptable levels in their way of life, how much further ahead of the game would we be today?  The money and time they squander is astronomical and all they come out of it with are bags of hot air and nothing to show for it.

To be clear; when I refer to EDUCATION, I am not talking mathematics, science, chemistry or any other form of education; I am talking about EDUCATION on the way of life; how civilized, educated people behave and conduct them-selves a decent, law-abiding, productive human beings. Those characteristic have long been lost in our, what some fools call a progressive society. As a matter of fact, I would classify our society on a whole as regressive.

So, as this crazy world spins out of control; more and more are we going to be anesthetized with horrible crimes.  The more they are minimized, the more the kids growing assuming, this is supposed to be their way of life.  How very sad!!

The people who run this country, now and in the past should hang their heads in shame for their total mismanagement of putting into our school systems a stronger emphasis on education, ethical and civilized behavior.  It is ALWAYS about them.


Take the time to read this attachment. The similarities are astounding.


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