They gotta be kidding ….

Hillary 2020? Trump better hope not.

Definition of a masochist: 

noun: masochist; plural noun: masochists
a person who derives sexual gratification from their own pain or humiliation.
“the roles of masochist and mistress”
(in general use) a person who enjoys an activity that appears to be painful or tedious.
OR, my version, a person that enjoys pain and loves getting beat-up 
As we can see there are 3 different definitions of what a masochist can be.  Does CHC fit one or all of the descriptions? Depends what time of the day it is and who you AXE!!

At this point in her life/political career, CHC would absolutely NOT be running for The Big Chair because she is a patriot or to put the USA back in order; she would be running solely because she got stomped by PDT almost three years ago and still can not accept defeat. It is in her blood folks, it is an obsession.  They call it Clintonism!!

If she could take her obsession intravenously she would.


How many times does anyone have to get beat up before they realize that they should give up the fight?

Especially if PDT keeps making the strides he has economically (many of his private matters have something to be desired), CHC better never think of running against him again.

According to a Pew Research poll, the Democratic Party has become more socially liberal and secular compared to how it was in 1987. Based on a poll conducted in 2014, Gallup found that 30% of Americans identified as Democrats, 23% as Republicans and 45% as independents.

Thirty percent of voting Americans call themselves democrats. 2012 statistics: Santa Barbara’s American Presidency Project found that there were 235,248,000 people of voting age in the United States. With 30 percent of them being democrats = 7,800.000 eligible picks, you mean to tell me that CHC is the best out of  7,800,000 people?? No wonder they have issues.

Then it may come down to a hatchet fight between Joking Joe Biden and CHC. Talk about the democratic party falling apart trying to appease both of these egomaniacs.

Joe Biden says he will decide whether he’s running for president by …

Jul 17, 2018 – Former Vice President Joe Biden said on Wednesday he would decide whether he would run for president by January. … “I think the press conference was beneath the office of the president,” he said. “And Ithink it did us great …

As I have repeated repeatedly. It is such a shame that the American voters are FORCED to pick the best of the worst when we go to the polls. 

Hell; I just may throw my Campaign Cover into the mix. I can’t down much worse than some of the fools that are considering the run for the gold.


I know as sure as;  god made little green apples and it doesn’t rain in Indianapolis in the summer time, I could stomp the shit out of most of these fools.



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