She had it made and didn’t know it …..

Megyn Kelly Today’ airs reruns as rumors of her exit percolate

When the blond bomb-shell was with Fox and sparring with THE DONALD, she had it made in the shade in the second grade and didn’t know it.  Leaving Fox was a big mistake.


I predicted this scenario of her making the wrong move way back when the Foxy Lady took her bonnet from FOX. She was the Queen of the hill and was not satisfied.

Kelly angered “Today” viewers and NBC colleagues by defending blackface Halloween costumes. Her Wednesday episode largely centered on her on-air apology for the controversy.

The best part is; now they have her black-listed. Are we allowed to say that?? I am waiting for BLACK FRIDAY get rename because it offends someone.  How about being black-balled at work. Is that proper or PC acceptable??

OPINION: Some new reporters are not satisfied with just getting the story, they feel it is imperative to down-grade and embarrass who they are interviewing by holding their feet to the fire and publicly shaming them.  In that process, they go way beyond fairness.

On the other side of the coin, I believe that the black community takes some of their gripes to extremes. I do agree with Kelly’ opinions on blackface and find nothing wrong in what she believes in. BUTT, the media and the PC-pathetic population on a whole is overly super-sensitive not to insult blacks. Everyone is walking on eggs.

Many years ago there were a slew of comics that portrayed themselves as colored people, not demeaning them, and there was never a problem. Al Jolson was one of them.

download (1)

The sensitivity on black issues has gone way overboard and needs to be pulled back a little.

Lighten up FOLKS, I didn’t hear Kelly use the infamous 6 letter word you hate so much, BUTT some continue to use it themselves with great frequency.

Lead by example!!


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3 Responses to She had it made and didn’t know it …..

  1. Blonde Kelly should have never left FOX. I haven’t watched her since then. She was in safe territory at FOX and was a great opinion reporter. She blew it.

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