Pompeo announces U.S. is revoking some Saudi visas over Khashoggi case — live updates

Pompeo announces U.S. is revoking some Saudi visas over Khashoggi case — live updates https://www.cbsnews.com/news/mike-pompeo-briefs-reporters-as-questions-over-khashoggi-linger-today-2018-20-23-live-updates/

Will this be just another slap on the wrist or is there going to be some follow up repercussions for killing the journalist?

Up until PDT got into office, it didn’t appear to me that not many foreigners or foreign countries or held accountable for nefarious Deeds, hopefully this will not be the case with Trump sitting in the Big Chair.

It is my opinion that foreign countries and foreign leaders have finally got the message that the USA is no longer their doormat, Just as it should be.

Situations like this are extremely delicate. Even though this is a very serious offense, it has to be handled with diplomacy and for the betterment of everyone involved.

Should the perpetrators be beheaded in Public Square for their actions or should they be given life.

If found guilty Beyond A Reasonable Doubt I have always have been a big advocate for an eye for an eye. The Killers should be put to death in the same manner that killed a journalist. What can be more fair?

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