USA TODAY: Sears files bankruptcy, will close 142 stores

Another one time Giant is biting the bankruptcy dust.

It has to be a sign of the times, the inability for some companies to stay current or mismanagement.

Sears used to be the place for anything and everything that anyone could need for their home Auto or business.

They have realized one thing that the politicians in this country haven’t open their eyes to that it can happen to them.

It’s the USA does not get on the ball and take care of business as it should be, I can see the day when it will go belly-up.

Who will take the rap for that? It certainly will not be the politicians. They are so used to pointing the finger at someone else for their inadequacies that they never take responsibility for any negative outcomes.

Better get under the bed or in the closet folks, that day is coming. It is not a matter of if, it’s only a matter of when.

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