USA TODAY: TPS holders face tough choice: Stay illegally or go home

As hard and unfair as it may seem, PDT has to follow the guidelines of the law and do what is necessary to get the immigration policy in line.

These people have to understand, that at some point in time they entered this country illegally and have to be returned to their Homeland.

No one is denying them entrance to the United States, but it has to be done legally and according to the law.

One of the reasons that the political correctness lifestyle is so easy to live by, they continually take the easy Road and shy away from the important elements to support the law. Most PC-ers do not have a backbone

Being the boss or being in charge is a very responsible position to be in and many times not a pleasant one when tough decisions have to be made.

If the illegal aliens that are slated to be sent back to their homelands would not have broken the laws of the United States and entered illegally, they would not be in the predicament they are now.

As the old cliche goes; if it was an easy task, anybody could do it.

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