USA TODAY: Melania Trump: I’m one of the most bullied people

For the most part, all Bullies Are are cowardly individuals that try to hide behind their insecurities by harassing and trying to intimidate people by their juvenile behavior.

It’s been an observation of mine, the only type of communication bully can understand is to have somebody blast them square in the face with a ball bat. That usually gets their attention.

There are two types of bullies. Bully number one is an insecure creep that breaks a person’s balls that was directly involved in a situation.

Number two bully is worse, they are the kind of insecure creep that aggravates someone because of a relationship or closeness the person may have/had with someone that has done something that the creep sees as unusual or for some totally unjustified reason

In both cases a bully can only be classified as an insecure juvenile fool.

In the case of Melania, why should she be on the receiving end of harassment by some fool that has a vendetta against PDT. Totally uncalled for and unjustified.

If these people are so hung up on political correctness, they should consider their own positions before they criticize anyone else.

We have to remember one very important factor in life. No one on this planet is responsible for anything that someone connect with them we have done. We should only be held responsible for our own personal actions.

Quite often, the bullies supremely Misfits themself and have no room to criticize anyone


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