Insecurity at its finest

USA TODAY: AMAs worst dressed: All the red carpet fails

It’s totally amazing the amount of money some people will spend look so bad.

Is it that booty is in the eye of the beholder?

It seems to me that some of these so called fashion plates are living by the rule of thumb; even bad publicity is good publicity

I truly believe that a good majority of these people are very insecure, and feel the compulsion to act and look like a bigger fool than the one before them.

I think it is called one-upmanship??

One of my favorite was the Janet Jackson thing when her boob supposedly slipped out accidentally. Hello

Or the female attention Seekers that get out of limos with their legs spread, minus their skivvies , hoping there is some Paparazzi there waiting to snap a shot. Total lunacy.

The only reason these people thrive and are successful is because they have a bunch of mindless people adoring them.

That’s showbiz

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