From Fox News – Friend of Christine Blasey Ford reportedly felt pressure to revisit statement on allegations

Friend of Christine Blasey Ford reportedly felt pressure to revisit statement on allegations

That alone should disqualify any testimony that she may have you given

Usually when there is coaching involved. There’s a lot of deception attached to the conversation or accusations.

This was nothing but a Witch Hunt from day one to put the screws to PDT.

I cannot even imagine for all the money and time these imbeciles wasted on this investigation, I am sure there are much better places that all those finances and time could have gone into.

I wonder if any of those wasted human beings that call themselves politicians ever got into one of their chauffeur-driven limousines and took a tour through the ghettos in this country to see what kind of deplorable conditions some people are living in.

They are nothing but a bunch of self-serving greedy son of a bitches that are milking the government for every dime they can make. Looking forward to the day of retirement where they will be on Easy Street for the rest of their life. What a legacy to leave behind.

They should be very proud of them self.

BUTT as the old Italian goes, the first asked your kisses the hardest.

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