Talk about ignorance on someone else dime ….

Lawmaker says reps will come after Kavanaugh if confirmed

What in the &^%$ are these fools trying to prove. If it is how ignorant they are, they have mission accomplished 1,000’s of times over.

Are there more important/pressing issues in this country that are in dire need of attention, instead of spending millions of taxpayers dollar$ and an incredible amount of time trying to prove if some guy grabbed some broads boobs 30 years ago?? Here is their answer.  If it did happen, so what. There was no rape involved. I wonder how many young ladies grabbed some dude’s goolunies and no big issue was made of it.

Lawmaker says reps will come after Kavanaugh if confirmed.

Are these people mentally disturbed or what?? All this wasted effort is to get to PDT’s pick and once again demonstrate how ridiculously ignorant they are.

Lawmaker says reps will come after Kavanaugh if confirmed.

I wonder if these FOOLS ever heard of beating a dead horse??

The sons-a-bitch is dead FOOLS, time to move on.

Who in this country has the power to put the breaks on the FOOLS?? No one it seems.  They are a run away train and no one can stop them.


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