Brett Kavanaugh’s Yale University classmate says he was a heavy drinker

Brett Kavanaugh’s Yale University classmate says he was a heavy drinker

Looks like to me that Cavanaugh does not need any enemies with some of the friends he has. Talk about turncoat backstabbing scumbags, has had his share of them.

I am always a True Believer of scrutinizing the accuser to the hilt.

Many of his Boulder Rollers most probably were 10 times worse than he was.

I wonder when the murder raps are going to surface??

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1 Response to Brett Kavanaugh’s Yale University classmate says he was a heavy drinker

  1. It’s gone from “sexual assault” to “he’s a drunk who can’t control his temper”. They must realize that if drinking was his problem he would never have made it to the position he is in now. It’s common sense. My sons drank in high school and college and now rarely drink. One still does only at parties. I’d hate if someone from high school or college said they were a mean drunk or blacked out. Her testimony would not have been admissible in a court of law as they don’t take repressed memories. The senate should know that as it is loaded with lawyers. And Kavanaugh’s friend from college who is also a professor is a Democrat, no doubt, sabotaging a friend for the sake of his party. This whole thing is a national disgrace and a set up.

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