From Fox News – Flake defends call for Kavanaugh delay: ‘We’re coming apart at the seams’

Flake defends call for Kavanaugh delay: ‘We’re coming apart at the seams’

All of these phony, paper pushing, overpaid, underworked, people that call themselves politicians, want to be the one to hang Kavanagh.

They want their name in the history books as the person that put the screws to the judge. If they don’t beat him one way they’ll try anything else that they have at their disposal.

These fools absolutely have too much power.

They are like a bunch of bloodthirsty piranhas devouring a cow that fell into the Ganges River. Some of them look like Piranha’s as well.

When is enough enough with these people??

I would love for the proper authorities to do a background search on each and every one of these piranhas to see what kind of skeletons they are hiding in their closet. It has to be astronomical.

Those who live in glass abode, should never roll boulders.

This is a very sad commentary for our country, BUTT true, if 85% or more of the dead weight disappeared from politics, no one would ever notice.

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