Surprise – Surprise – Surprise

This what-if puts an entirely different slant on the allegations against Kavanaugh if they are true.

Two unnamed men have come forward and claim they were the ones that had inappropriate contact with Dr. Brown, when she was civilian Brown, 30 years ago.

As an extraordinary series of uncorroborated, lurid last-minute allegations threatens to derail his confirmation to the Supreme Court, nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Ford, the California professor accusing him of sexually assaulting her more than three decades ago, are set to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday morning.

The proceedings may be upended by late-breaking developments: In a statement released Wednesday evening, Judiciary Committee Republicans revealed that on Monday, they conducted their “first interview with a man who believes he, not Judge Kavanaugh, had the encounter with Dr. Ford in 1982 that is the basis of his [sic] complaint.” They conducted a second interview the next day. 

On Wednesday, Republicans said in the statement, they received a “more in-depth written statement from the man interviewed twice previously who believes he, not Judge Kavanuagh, had the encounter in question with Dr. Ford.” GOP investigators also spoke on the phone with another man making a similar claim.

If these claims turn out to be factual, all of the air-head bimbos involved should be hung out to dry. To start with, it was 30 plus years ago. I can remember what I had for dinner last night. Secondly, one of the witnesses on the air-head team was so hammered she is having a HARD time remembering if some dude rubbed his pecker in her face. To me, that would be very HARD to forget, the date – the hour and the minute that allegedly happened.

If these new revelations are true, and Kavanaugh is clean, not only should the democrats be admonished severely, like taking their free parking away at the airports, or their free membership at the health club they never use, BUTT be sanctioned for trying to ruin a man’s life, in an attempt to bring down PDT.

All organization can be judged by its leadership.  That being the case, it is safe to say the democrats are batting minus 1,000.  For all the time and money they have wasted since PDT sat in the Big Chair, their success rate is very low on convictions.

Is it not the time for all parties to get together and move forward in a positive direction and pull together?? For-get-a-bout-it, the politicians in this country are too concerned with their own agenda and put very little time into improving the ails of the USA.

Let us hope that this three-ring circus for Kavanaugh and the rest of the country does not drag out too much longer.  The good taxpaying citizens of this country would love to see something productive out of our politicians who ONLY work 138 days.

Number of Days Congress Works in Session a Year. The House of Representatives has averaged 138 “legislative days” a year since 2001, according to records kept by the Library of Congress. That’s about one day of work every three days, or fewer than three days a week.Mar 9, 2018

Isn’t that disgraceful?? It would be an easier pill to swallow if they accomplished something or anything on the days they did show up.  What- else would we expect from people that write their own rules??




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