Now don’t you be f-in with my pizza man …..

Oklahoma Domino’s Pizza customer arrested for placing employee in headlock over wrong order

Some fool Milton Davis got pissed off at Domino Pizza worker because the kid made his pizza the wrong way; put the kid in a head lock and started slapping him around.  The fool was arrested and charged with assault and battery.

Milton Ray Davis, identified as the customer by police, reportedly called night manager Mike Merkle around 11 p.m. to make a complaint about the incorrect order.

According to Merkle, he offered to make the man a new pizza.

“I apologized to him and told him, ‘Hey, I’ll be happy to remake your pizza, no big deal,’” Merkle said to KFOR. “He started getting belligerent with me and cussing me out.”

The root of this incident goes way beyond the pizza deal; this guy should be locked up in a padded cell for a few months and get evaluated. He definitely has issues.


This dummy sure takes his pepperoni pizza serious. I can just imagine what the hell he does to his OLD LADY if she burns his toast!!

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