Andy’s almost brother …..

Fox News

Former Cuomo aide gets 6 years in jail for corruption

I can’t help BUTT wonder if CNN or the other left-wingers are going to carry this story?/

A former aide so close to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo that he considered him like a brother was sentenced to six years in prison Thursday for fraud and accepting bribes. The judge said she hopes the punishment “will be heard in Albany.”

U.S. District Judge Valerie E. Caproni tried to put the sentencing of Joseph Percoco in perspective, noting other recent high-profile convictions of state leaders.


Looks like Percoco just bit a sour grape.

Percoco, 49, was convicted in March of accepting more than $300,000 from companies that wanted to gain influence/get next to the Cuomo administration.

No charges were leveled against Cuomo, BUTT the judge made it perfectly clear, she did not like the was Cuomo was running his office. When we sleep with a dog, we always get flees.

Many of the Boulder Rollers, Cuomo being one of them, are dirtier than PDT will ever be. They just happen to have a heavy backing and are getting away with proverbial murder, FOR NOW.

Anyone that is under the assumption that a good percentage of the Big Times Heavy Hitters/ The High Rollers did not step over the illegal line at one time or another to get where they are, those believers are living in fantasy land.

The higher up, the more crooked they are.  BUTT when they have the big bucks, and can buy them-self out of almost anything.  Right Teddy!!

The day of reckoning is coming for all the crooks. When that day is, we do not know, BUTT it is inevitable.


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