Keep it up Kerry ….

John Kerry raised some eyebrows after comparing Trump to an ‘insecure teenage girl’

KK (Kaptiulating Kerry) is going to keep busting PDT’s balls until the guy loses it and calls him a no-good-son-of-a-bitch or something worse.

I would bet the barn that this new assault on PDT is being backed by TMC.  They know good and well that PDT has a very short fuse, and they keep poking into the wound until he explodes as he so frequently does and make a fool out of himself, as he so frequently does.

While doing an interview on the Bill Maher show, KK put it out there again.

When asked by Maher to elaborate on the president’s comments, Kerry shrugged it off.

“He’s the first president that I know of who spends more time reading his Twitter ‘likes’ than his briefing books or the Constitution of the United States,” Kerry said.

Kerry went on: “He really is the rare combination of an 8-year-old boy – I mean, he’s got the maturity of an 8-year-old boy with the insecurity of a teenage girl. It’s just who he is.”

According to the Post, the audience cheered the exchange, but not everyone on social media was amused. Over the weekend a chorus of dissenters denounced the former secretary of state’s “insecure teenage girl” joke.

Sad to say, I partially may agree with KK on the maturity level of PDT, wondering what drives PDT to his compulsive tweeting except insecurity. It would not be as bad if THE MAN had a filter and thought before he responds to his adversaries, BUTT as we all know, he acts, tweets and speaks many times before he thinks.

Is KK anyone that should be Rolling Boulders at anyone?? There are many conflicting opinions, BUTT surprisingly, most on KK are positive.


My biggest objection to KK is the way he handled the Iran 151 billion $ whore deal directed by TMC.  KK did everything BUTT get on his knees when he was trying to negotiate the deal.

images.jpg    iran-says-obama-kerry-lying-about-iranian-nuclear-deal-israel-must-strike

That one-sided-give-away has to be the worst political blunder in American history or in the history of mankind.  Anyone that views the content of the deal, I don’t care what political persuasion they are, maturity level, what race, religion or socioeconomic standing, has to agree, it was in the truest sense of the word, under the direction of TMC, the USA paid our most dangerous adversary, the biggest terrorist organization in the world, to assist them financially in their ultimate vision of annihilating the USA.

While KK was on his knees begging the Iranians to accept the deal, they publicly were announcing their hatred for the USA and their determination to destroy us.  Who in their right mind would proceed when being threatened like that??

Why didn’t TMC just sell them or possibly give them all the weapons the USA has to use against us and the rest of the free world? I think if it came down to that, TMC may have consented  just to get the deal done.

We have to remember, THE DEAL and Obama-care were supposed to be TMC’s legacy.  He was bound and determined to get his name in the history books as the president that GOT THE JOB DONE.

News flash: He failed on both. To put the icing on the nuclear weapons, the person (CHC) he tapped to carry on his legacy got her BUTT stomped in the election. Those defeats had to affect TMC more than they did CHC.

KK was a very big pawn in that very deadly chess game, a pawn TMC could push around on the chess board, that still to this day, the world has not felt the negative impact it will have on all of mankind.

As I am pounding the keys with my fat fingers, Iran is out there sharpening the sabers, waiting for the right time to make their move. It may not be today or next week, BUTT the time is coming.

When that time comes, how will TMC justify his funding of Iran so they could kill us??

As intelligent as these people like TMC and KK are supposed to be, it is difficult to understand their ignorance. Are they true believers or other-siders???

Just like any other politician, when the time comes for accountability, they are hiding out on some  Caribbean island.

Based on what KK’s fellow military comrades had to say about him, I salute him. For his Kapitulation with Iran, 4 thumbs down.


As bad as it is at times, I can not envision just how much worse it would be if CHC and Wild Bill were in the Casa Bianca.

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