Words of supposed wisdom from Kapitulating Kerry

New York Times

John Kerry Says the World Is Worried About America

This is the first sensible thing I have ever heard come out of KK’s mouth.  With bozzos like him and TMC (The Manchurian Candidate) at the helm screwing things up, we all have plenty to worry about.

TMC & KK did a CASTRO on the USA. They spent 8 years driving us back into poverty and racial dis-functionality, far worse, if that is possible, then GWB did and his president TDC (Tricky Dick Cheney).

SOOO; it was a brilliant observation KK came up with in his new book when he said; the World Is Worried About America

An excerpt from KK’s memoirs:

Because you’re still in touch with so many diplomatic players around the world, what are they saying to you about American foreign policy under Trump? They’re completely confused and extremely worried. I don’t want to betray any confidences, but the words they use to describe the president are not particularly flattering. They understand that we have a president who is not steeped in history, not knowledgeable about what he’s doing and talking about. Most of them hold their breath and try to get through meetings.

The true fact of the matter is; these breath-holders are so used to taking the USA to the cleaners, when PDT came aboard and cut off their water, they didn’t know how to react.

Is PDT unconventional and many times out of line?? Absolutely, BUTT he is the best we have and on the whole; I think he has all Americans backs.

TMC & KK are sure making a lot of noise these days, getting their nose in-front of the camera every chance they get.  Example of TRUE politicians when election time is 2 years away. Constantly campaigning.

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