From Fox News – Michael Barone: If Democrats can’t run Chicago, can they run anything?

Michael Barone: If Democrats can’t run Chicago, can they run anything?

The handwriting is on the wall, BUTT some people are too stubborn and blind to read it.

The Democrats method of running the government for the last few years has stood out like a swollen thumb that was just hit with a 16 pound sledgehammer. It has been a complete failure, starting with Obama and filtering down to the rest of his henchmen like Rahm Emanuel.

Proof of their PC pathetic way of government is staring us right in the face, butt there are too many people out there in denial do not want to admit it.

If Chicago is not a great example of a disaster area, being under the control of Emanuel, I can’t of a better example.

Rahm Emanuel’s legacy: How will Chicago mayor be remembered?

Sep 5, 2018 – In 2010, Rahm Emanuel returned to Chicago from Barack Obama’s White House to … A pension crisis, tax hikes and a development boom.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Will Not Seek Re-election – The New …

Sep 4, 2018 – Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago in August. … to grow into a broader debate over issues facing Chicago, including worries about fiscal turmoil, …

He probably stole enough in the time he was mayor, he is set for life.

Their PC answer to governing is to make empty promises they know cannot be fulfilled just like in the case of Obama and a few other fools wanting to enact Universal Income. They know it is impossible, yet we are going to hang it out there hoping that all of the fish that want to eat for nothing will nibble at the bate and voted for them. Their shame has no shame.

Open your nostrils and smell the napalm folks. Fact and figures can not be denied. PC governing was never the answer and NEVER will be.

Wanna live in denial with you head in the sand? Pay me now or pay me LATER. BUTT remember, later always cost more.

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