Not as bad as the media made it ….

USA TODAY: Just watch it: Nike’s Kaepernick ad not controversial

I just watched the commercial and agree with its content and message. Be the best you can be, no matter what road you are traveling.

The problem with this out of hand scenario, started with the media over blowing and exaggerating the subject matter as they are so accustom to doing. Consequently, more FAKE NEWS to piss off the public.

As we can see by this commercial, Caperdick can get his message across in a more respectful, diplomatic manner than disrespecting the flag!! All of the dissension between races and those in disagreement could have been eliminated if Caperdick chose another route.

The benched quarterback is making a fortune with his new gig and doesn’t have to worry about getting blindsided bu some 250 pound brute trying to mess up that Afro under his helmet.  He is laughing all the way to his hair stylist!!


If people put forth a little effort to try and co-habitat, life can be much simpler.

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