What does she expect ????

Monica Lewinsky storms offstage in Israel after ‘off limits’ Bill Clinton question

Monica Lewinsky said she stormed offstage at a conference in Israel after an interviewer asked her an “off limits” question about former President Bill Clinton.

The former White House intern turned anti-bullying activist tweeted a statement early Tuesday following the incident at the Channel 2 news conference in Jerusalem on Monday night.

Israeli news anchor Yonit Levi asked Lewinsky if she still expected a personal apology from Clinton over the fallout from the scandal of their affair 20 years ago. Lewinsky responded: “I’m so sorry. I’m not going to be able to do this,” before putting down her microphone and walking offstage.

I never liked kicking someone when they are down, BUTT this lady puts herself in very precarious positions and then bitches when someone challenges/questions her foolishness. She is putting herself out there asking to be ridiculed.

What did MISS Lewinsky expect the host to ask her for, a recipe for brownies.  When an old hen puts her neck on the chopping block; guess what will be for dinner.


If you don’t want to burn your finger, keep it out of the flame.  I would think by how, Lewinsky would have wised up.  I guess not.

I am trying to figure out why people are paying to hear her message. What can it possibly be??  Don’t get under your boss’s desk??


I know that she is addressing issues for women’s safety. BUTT these topics should be a matter of common-sense; don’t go where you don’t belong.

Initially I felt  a little compassion for the gal. She was a starry eyed intern having a fling with some horny old perverted bastard that had been down that road 1,000’s of times. She was just another notch on the grip of his pistol.  Somewhere hidden in her fantasies, she even thought WILD BILLY was going to dump CHC for her. Talk about being naive!!

If Lewinsky was smart, apparently she isn’t, she should take the money she has made so far and run. If she can not take the heat and accept being cornered with uncomfortable questions, the old hen should keep her neck off of the chopping block and quit complaining.

Pretty simple, either ferme her la bouche – go left or go right – one way or the other. Her destiny is in her own hands.


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