Slow weekend so far ….

Chicago’s bloody Labor Day weekend sees at least 3 killed, 14 wounded in shootings

Man angry about sold-out Ice Cube concert fires gun, gets shot by deputy, police say

Shooting at Birmingham teen party leaves 7 wounded, police say

At least 10 shot at San Bernardino, Calif., apartment complex

Looks like the banditos had a slow weekend so far, BUTT the good news for them, they still have one day to go. Just imagine how many shootings and killings there can be in one day if the put everything they have into it.

To them, getting shot, even killed and make the headlines is a badge-of-honor. They are heroes in their own community. Their homies/thug brothers look up to them as legends.

Maybe if left to their own evil devices, they will eliminate one another.

It is the innocent people I am concerned for that are caught in their crossfire.

There used to be a show on the tele years back;  it’s theme song resembles the predicament the country is in because of gun violence.

As optimistic as I am about most situations I encounter, more than that I am a realist.  In my opinion, the USA is screwed – blued – and tattooed with the war against crime.  The authorities have been too soft, too slow, too complacent hoping the crime wave would blow over.

HELLOOOOOO!!! It would take an absolute miracle of the grandest proportions for this ever to turn around. Never happen; it is too big and has gone too far unchecked.

By the way – have a Happy Labor Day – in some areas of the country, it would not be a bad idea to stay in doors as the authorities are suggesting. BUTT then again, people are not even safe in their own home.

Fairfield family speaks after innocent bystander shot in drive-by shooting

Jul 19, 2018 – She was an innocent bystander in her own home. “While people are in here fighting over frivolous things and people’s lives are at stake … Police say Jones was injured during a drive-by shooting in the 900 block of Oakview Circle. … If you have any information, you’re asked to contact Fairfield Police.

All I can  say is WOW!!!


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