Sign of imaturity …

Bob Schieffer: Trump’s reaction to McCain’s death made “a mockery of one of our most solemn tributes”

There comes a  time in MOST people’s lives (normal people) when enough is enough and they bury the hatchet (no pun intended) and put it to rest.  I guess PDT has not reached that level yet.

I am sure that I am not the only one that is disappointed in and ashamed of, embarrassed of, dumbfounded by this man’s juvenile behavior.  Is it really worth making a fool out of himself as the president of the USA to be so stubborn and disrespectful to John McCain?? Trump’s behavior is unacceptable, especially considering where he is sitting.

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For no other reason than to do the right thing, Trump is doing exactly what he is accusing others of doing to him, taking an issue way out of context and making a fool of himself.

What more can be said???

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