When it really counts …

Report: President Trump scrapped official statement praising Sen. John McCain

This unacceptable move or lack of on PDT’s part alone tells a lot about a person’s character. There are certain times and places when it is appropriate to GET EVEN; BUTT when a person of John McCain’s quality cashes in, is not the time or the place.

At this juncture should I say I regret voting and supporting PDT? Not really. I voted for him based on his patriotism and what he claimed he could do for the country, not his personal characteristics.  I will still support him in his defense of the nation, BUTT I will also keep putting the bad mouth on him for his deliberate shortcomings.

PDT is the end result of a pampered, spoiled kid that got his way most of his life. At the very least, he should have put his ego in the closet for a few minutes and given John McCain the recognition he deserved. Shame on him.

There were even times I acknowledged Obama for doing something positive. Not many, BUTT a few.

Dare credito dove è dovuto il credito – sarebbe stato un uomo migliore per questo

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