Disgraceful father for you have sinned!!

When she reported being abused by a priest, the Catholic Church investigated her

There is no need to use the women’s name, she has been shamed enough by the priests in wolf’s clothing that she trusted so much. She is one of the many victims of psychopathic pedophile, over 300 priest in PA that have been accused of molestation.

After her horrendous experiences that she reported to the authorities, this was action the CHURCH took.

This is how despicably they operate all in the name of the Almighty dollar:

“Having received a report that one of their priests had violated children, the diocese and its attorney immediately began to exchange information meant to discredit the victim with unrelated and irrelevant attacks on her and her family. Moreover, the fact that a Central Catholic coach may have been sexually abusing students was used as evidence against the victim,” the grand jury report said. “In reality, it is the report of yet another crime not reported to police.”

What the church did to this lady to try and discredit her is not unusual. As I have stated many time; even if a whore says no, it means no. A person’s personal life, right or wrong, good or bad, has nothing to do with the fact they were molested.

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NOWWWWW, there is VERY credible information that just surfaced, that Pope Francis knew about the molestation and did nothing about it. He doesn’t want to commit another sacrilege by lying, so he is taking the 5th on this one. To me that is not a revelation. He has not been hiding under a bed for the last 70 years.

Archbishop Alleges Pope Francis Long Knew About Abuse, Calls On …

16 hours ago – In an 11-page letter, an ex-Vatican diplomat calls for Pope Francis to resign, alleging he knew about former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s …

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It is like Tricky Watergate Dick claiming he didn’t know anything about the clandestine operation his boys were pulling to insure he got reelected.  I say it is totalbull.

Any leader of an organization, regardless of in what sector, who claims they do not know about improprieties under their command, that has been under their nose for years, does not belong sitting in the Big Chair.

Just like all of the denials we are witnessing in politics. The way I see it, the lies to cover up the crimes are as bad as the actions themselves.

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Just think of all the hard-earned money people have donated to the church, many times for the more foolish people, they scrimped and saved, denying personal pleasures in their life to support the church. Much of it was all flushed down the toilet to protect/hide-out their pedophile priests and to pay off victims.

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Sitting down and burning your $oldi will give you more comfort. At least you will be warm.


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Better hurry. I heard many of these so called priests are looking at getting new cars before the years end and need a little financial assistance.

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One of my originals: when was the last time you saw a skinny priest driving an old car?? 

It is not my mission to try and discredit all priest as it would be all cops. It is terrible that the good ones (thank goodness they are in the majority) have to suffer because of the bad ones.  Who is most despicable, are the people that are covering up for them. That deceitfulness alone is going to hurt the church more than the molesters will.

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