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Judge rules against Trump’s attempt to weaken federal unions

Pros and cons.

It is PDT’s objective to make it easier for the government to hire quality people. Secondly, and probably most important, to get rid if the dead-weight feather-bedders that have plagued the system for years.

Years back, because of filling Quotas and other plateaus/concessions the government was forced to make, the ranks of the unions became filled with an excessive amount of dead-weight. People that did not want to work and if they did work, they performed very poorly. BUT, always the BIG BUTT. The slackers knew because of their situtaion it was and probably still is almost impossible to fire them, so they play it to the hilt. PDT wants to put an end to the abuse of these people who are protected by some unions.

USA Today

Specifically, Trump’s orders attempted to cap the amount of time union officials employed by the federal government can spend on union business, speed up disciplinary procedures and unilaterally adopt performance-based pay plans.

Judge Jackson said presidents do have the power to sign executive orders on federal employee-management relations – but only as long as they don’t conflict with the law. On balance, the judge wrote in her 122-page decision, “this Court has decided that the unions have the better of this argument.”

This is the post I did on the subject back in May

Unions were the BEST thing that happened for the protection of the working man, UNTIL.  BUTT, always the BIG BUTT, as they got bigger and stronger, instead of representing the working man in a far and equitable  manner, they became the dictators/controllers to the employers and the industry.

In many incidents, the unions became mob infested, so they could get the  shit hooks on the very healthy pension funds.  That really put the screws contractors and in the long run all of the unions members.

Many people do not know; if it were not for the unions, especially  he teamsters, Las Vegas would still be a dust bowl.  It was the NO INTEREST loans GIVEN to them by the teamsters that funded the construction of Vegas.

las vegas casino loans repaid, teamsters pension fund asserts

Feb 5, 1986 – And He Wants Them to Stick. … LAS VEGAS CASINO LOANS REPAID, TEAMSTERS PENSION FUND … Officials of the department, which in recent years has been given … said they would not comment on the decline in the fund’s Nevada .

Bugsy Siegel Rolled Out The Greed Carpet For His Fellow Mobsters ……/8703130656_1_las-vegas-boulevard-flamingo-hotel-a…

Sep 27, 1987 – “Bugsy“ Siegel, decided to take an interest in the sleepy desert mining … limit in Nevada at the time, they could get here faster to lose their money. … No one mob family would control Las Vegas, but any illegal activity … By the spring of 1986, the last of $250 million in Teamster casino loans were paid off.

After the fact, Bill  Presser and his son Jackie became informants to the FBI against the mob to make a sweeter deal for themselves. It used to be called, HONOR AMONG THIEVES!!

I know the inner workings of the unions for a fact, because I worked in the trades for years. There are a few unions, predominately the labors and operating engineers  that give the contractors a half/way fair shake in their performance of work. Not all locals , BUTT many branches of the unions like the plumber, fitters, electricians  will try as hard as they can to put the screws to contractors (especially out-of-towners) by dragging out the job, by their lack of productivity or poor craftsmanship. Consequently, driving the cost of the job sky-high and many times bankrupting contractors.

I will not put the entire blame on unions for all of incidents like this, BUTT they have contributed to it greatly.

I have seen a contractor fire 3 guys for poor performance or some infraction; they call the hall for 3 more men to replace them and the same 3 are back on the job the next day. And the beat goes no. Just like bad cops, a few rotten apples spoil the barrel. .

I worked with a guy I will call Charlie. He was a very decent guy and a fair man. He told me he did a job in St. Louis, the entire project was fenced in, he had to go through the main gate with his personal truck to inspect the site. The VERY ACCOMMODATING teamsters insisted that, while Charlie was on the property, he had to have a UNION DRIVER drive him around the site. When Charlie got out of the truck to go into a building, his driver sat all day long waiting for him. This is just one of the more absurd examples of unions getting too strong.

It is/not unheard of for 2 year job to take 5 years. Partially because of poor performance and deliberate mistake made by the design people who have their hands out.

Great example – just one of many:

Overdue and $1 billion over budget, Aurora VA hospital is still …

Jan 12, 2018 – Overdue and $1 billion over budget, Aurora VA hospital is still …. The shortcoming means it’s likely the VA will keep open for at least three years the Denver hospital … the VA’s request to spend millions of additional dollars to construct … That’s for two reasons: A planned PTSD building at the new campus

Folks, not a 1 billion dollar project, 1 billion dollar$ OVER budget and it will be 3 more years before the doors open. This is just one of the many examples of that type of poor performance/mismanagement that PDT is trying to put an end to.

Speaking of the doors opening; this is the BEST part of this NOY UNUSUAL scenario.  A PTSD facility for the Vets was supposed to be included in the building of the facility, and someone forgot to put in the drawings. Imagine that!!!

I would like to see, if Judge Jackson were paying the tab out of her own pocket on a mismanaged project, if she would have a different opinion!!


What do you think???

Naturally as always, I will revert back to commonsense!!

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