Great man – honest to a fault

I watched a segment last night about John McCain and came away with an entirely different perspective than I had before.

McCain was a fighter, a scraper, a tell it like it is guy that was possibly too honest.

He made a comment about when he was in captivity and said some things he should not have said to his captors; more than just NAME – RANK AND SERIAL NUMBER, as dictated when a person is a prisoner of war.

McCain said; he saw many men that were tortured much more severely than he was and they never broke as he did. To make an omission like that takes guts and certainly shows who the man was.

Looking back at the ignorant Donald Trump’s remarks and what he said:

Now if that is not ignorance at its highest level, I don’t know what is. I can’t help BUTT wonder if PDT ever apologized to McCain or regretted what he said. If not, he sure as hell should have.

Read what Wikipedia has documented about McCain. It about tells it all.

If McCain would not have given that loose cannon up north the nod, the lady that was going to bomb Russia right off the bat, he may have got to sit in the Big Chair??? › Featured News

Mar 8, 2014 – America is relieved that Sarah Palin came nowhere near the White House in … Translation: Nuke Russia now or else it’s green eggs for you, …

John McCain was a hell of a guy and served his country well in many different capacities.  In the long run he had nothing to be ashamed of.

RIP John McCain war hero


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