The fact still remains, he is the killer

The ambulance chaser for this admitted killer is not only a fool, he is a fool!!


The attorney of Mollie Tibbetts’ suspected killer fought back Thursday night against investigators’ statements that his client, Cristhian Rivera, is an illegal immigrant, calling it “rhetoric.”

“That’s your rhetoric on it,” attorney Allan Richards told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum on “The Story.” Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said Wednesday that Rivera, 24, has been in the U.S. illegally, and lived in Iowa for four to seven years.

I am sure there are illegal immigrants living in the USA who have been here for 50 years or more. What kind of ice is that supposed to cut?? What is the mouthpiece’s point? What is it about the word illegal all of the sympathizer fools in this country do not understand?  What if Mollie was a member of their family, would they still hide out the illegal in their basement and feed them everyday??

The fact of the matter is; the killer has been living in this country illegal and should not be here. If he was not here, Mollie would still be walking the face of the earth today with a big smile on her face.


The media has referred to the killer as; suspected killer. I am not a 5 point graduate from Harvard or Vale; BUTT if this scumbag Riveria confessed to killing Mollie and lead the cops to her body, how can he be the suspected killer??  Did he have a premonition or a vision??

It astounds me that ambulance chasers can sleep at night when they are defending an admitted criminal, guilty by evidence of DNA, guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt,  so they can get back on the streets to commit yet another crime. It has happens all to often.


It is a good thing this piece of work didn’t kill someone else in that Las Vegas hotel.  After he got away with a double murder, he thought he was more invincible than he already thought he was. Orenthal has been amused by all of this.  His whole life has been a circus to him. Why not, he got away with a double murder.

The ONLY reason the vast majority of criminals plead not guilty, even if they are caught red handed on video, or in the act, without a trial that would cut heavily into the ambulance chasers pockets.  Why do convicted criminal continue to go for appeals?? To fill the pockets of the ambulance chasers. It is all a contrived scam and sham.

Possibly Mr. Karma came calling (payback) when two of Oriental’s defense attorneys died before their time??? All of them knew OJ was a guilty as sin.  In my opinion, the courts give too much leeway to the criminals and their ambulance chaser to manipulate the law.


Cochran died at 68 – Kim’s daddy cashed in at 58. The glove did not fit so they had to acquit.


This is what happens to leather when it is wet and it dries out quickly, it shrinks. The jury and that puppet judge were too ignorant to know it or pleaded stupidity.

If OJ was the average Joe Blow and broke, they wouldn’t have given him the time of day. He would have been convicted and still behind bars, and yes appealing.

What a farce this entire trial was. Everyone on the planet knew Orenthal was guilty as sin. BUTT because  he was a very famous black super-star athlete, and there would have been severe rioting if he was found guilty, he got off clean.  It cost him over 10 million to beat the rap.

What a racket ambulance chaser have. Win or lose they get paid.  Just like hospitals, if the patent dies, the family still gets the bill.


It is possible we have another publicity seeking attorney in Allan Richards who wants to run for president like the Strippers mouthpiece announced.  Possibly they are both trying to get in the lime-light early???


Stormy Daniels’ lawyer and object of liberal Facebook Mom lust Michael Avenatti is doing the damn thing—or at least doing a good imitation of someone who is.

He showed up at the Iowa State Fair, telling the Associated Press, “I am seriously considering it, and I think a lot of it is going to hinge on what direction I think the party is taking and who is likely to get in the race.” He told the Concord Monitor, a New Hampshire newspaper, that he’s going to visit the first primary state within a month and is “in the process of setting up a number of meetings” there.


I have a little advice for all of those jippo track-star. Do what you do best and stick to …..


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