Sooner or later the truth comes out…

Cover ups, lies and law-breaking: Trump, Nixon and Clinton may have all made same mistake

It is only human nature when someone is caught with their hand in the proverbial jar. The first instinct most people have is to try to lie about it. BUTT, I would think by now, most of the people in the lime-light, including PDT, Nixon and Wild Bill (never thought I would use those three names in the same sentence) should know eventually the truth will come out and they will look 10 times as bad for trying to bull-shit their way out of an uncomfortable/illegal situation.

OK; so initially a person tries to worm their way out with a few fibs, BUTT the long the denials continue, the bigger the bullshit stories become.  Instead of just one lie, they are now telling 20 or 40 to cover up the first one.

I guess the moral of the story in life is; try to keep your nose clean. If you get caught with your ass sticking out of some babes window, don’t try to tell her husband you thought it was your apartment.  Fess up and try to convince him you are a window washer that forgot his pants at home. Good luck, it is a long way down.

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