Go stand in the corner for about 1/2 hour …

Ohio State suspends Urban Meyer for three games after investigation

You can call it what you want to; a token punishment – admonish – berated – blame – call down – call on the carpet – castigate – censure – checkcondemn – expropriate – find fault – flay – give a hard time – teach a lesson – rate – reprehended – reprimand – reproachreprovescold – slap on the wristspeak to take down – tick off  or upbraid.

There are several ways to look tat the Meyer situation. I agree partially and also disagree.

Under the circumstances, I will classify Meyer’s suspension as getting off easier than it could have been.

First of all, the worst thing Meyer did was lie about not knowing anything about the incident.

Secondly; in my opinion having a clause in a contract that states; if a school employee has knowledge that another school employee is physically abusing someone and does not report it, they are breaking the rules.

As we all know there are varying degrees of abuse.  It can go from shoving someone to killing them. Very wide range.

As the wise old Italian man once said; never get in between an argument between and his wife. Possibly that is what Meyer was attempting to avoid?? Naturally, if we are going to the extreme and he or she is severely beating the person  or trying to kill the other, that is a different story.

Ohio State University announced Wednesday night that head football coach Urban Meyer would be suspended for the first three games of the upcoming season without pay following an investigation into his handling of domestic abuse allegations against a former assistant coach.

The university also announced that athletic director Gene Smith would be suspended without pay between Aug. 31 and Sept. 16.

“I want to apologize to Buckeye Nation,” Meyer said at a news conference after the suspension was announced. “I followed my heart, not my head.”

The decision was announced exactly three weeks after Meyer was placed on paid administrative leave while Ohio State probed what he knew about the claims against former wide receivers coach Zach Smith.

Meyer was put on leave hours after Smith’s ex-wife, Courtney, went public with claims that she had told Meyer’s wife that Zach Smith had shoved her against a wall and put his hands around her neck in 2015.

Folks; not that it is right what the coach did, BUTT this is an everyday occurrence in some households.  To make not telling officials about ever minute incidents like this a punishable offense, is going too far.  They would need a revolving door to their office to keep all the reporters moving in and out.

Did Meyer get his wrist slapped because he knew about the incident and didn’t inform the school or because he lied about knowing??

Whatever the case my be; being that there are regulations on the books covering conditions like this. I think the college was very lenient with Meyer in their punishment. three suspension. The guy probably relishes the time off. OR maybe not. Fanatical people like Meyer are consumed with what they do.

On the financial side, Urban is taking a heavy hit for his silence. Not that he will miss any meals. He makes 7.6 million a year for 12 scheduled games – that equals 633,000 per game (big money) times three games = 1,900,000.00$. BUTT it is a lot better than being fired as the board could have ruled.  I would consider this no more than a


It is only human nature when someone is caught with their hand in the proverbial jar, their first instinct is to lie about it. BUTT, I would think by now, most of the people in the lime-light, including PDT and Wild Bill (never thought I would use those two names in the same sentence) should know eventually the truth will come out and they will look 10 times as bad for trying to bull-shit their way out of an uncomfortable/illegal situation.






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