Its only a game guys …..

Man has finger bitten off during melee at Massachusetts golf course

I know some guy that would rather climb Mt. Everest using only their tongue than miss a day on the links. INSANE.

The casual golfer can play 9 or 18 with the boys, enjoy the day away from the office and have a ball. BUTT we have the fanatics that would take it intravenously if they could.  They are some sick puppies.


Golf is supposed to be a fun game (unless you are a pro) where a group of fools get together, play 9 or 18, tell bullshit stories, have a 5th of Johnny Walker Blue in the bag that they nip on, bust some balls and go to the club house and have dinner.  As we can see by this story, that is not the case.

Things took a barbaric turn Friday night during a fight at Southers Marsh Golf Club in Plymouth, Mass.

A 47-year-old man was arrested and charged with mayhem after allegedly biting another man’s finger off during the altercation.

The biter certainly has some other issues bothering him to get so pissed off he bit a guys finger tip off. He needs to go for a good long rest in a padded cell.


Whenever I did play, I took a bucket of range balls, hit the shit out of them, never retrieved any, never kept score and laughed my ass off and made fun of the fools I was playing  with for swearing and breaking their clubs.


It is supposed to be a fun game and a stress reliever, not a MMA match.  BUTT what the hell do I know? According to the ones that do know:

It is a nearly $70 billion industry, supporting two million jobs and $55.6 billion in annual wage income. Golf has a long history of giving back to society and provides an annual charitable impact of about $4 billion per year through 143,000 events and 12 million participants. Apr 4, 2015
Gotta be something to it!!
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