Mary Jo must be desperate and stupid

Mary Jo Buttafuoco speaks out in new documentary, says she forgives ‘Long Island Lolita’ Amy Fisher

To start with, how can anyone forgive a person for shooting them in the face (senza faccia)??


Before and after the shooting, and she forgives the gun happy,  love sick princess for shooting her in the face?? GMAFB – this was after a dozen surgeries, imagine what she looked like directly after getting blasted.

Next; how many times are they going to play the same old record. It is getting close to the Manson massacres and the OJ chase on the freeway.


Amy was 16 and the HOG Joey with a perpetual hard-on  was 36 years old when they first got together.

Enough is enough.  The producers must be on hard times with nothing else to write about  and continues beating the same dead horse.

The soap opera is not even worth reliving. Joey was a dog in heat, he ran across a 16-year-old with hot pants, they rolled in the hay loft, it spiraled out of control and Mary Jo got shot in the face by Amy. End of story.

That took me about 30 seconds to detail. I would not be surprised if the producers drag it out for 4 or 5 nights.

I know what some people are saying. I was dumb enough to give it some ink too.  Can’t argue with the facts.


That is one hell of a way to gain notoriety.



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