Depends on who you ask!!

Donald Trump calls former aide Omarosa a ‘dog,’ triggering outrage

Did PDT go too far with his description of a back-stabbing , turncoat, thief in the night, untrustworthy, cloak and dagger, staffer that had a game plan of deception going in?? Possibly, BUTT, no excuse, PDT knows only one way to express himself when he is being attacked. Is he a little rough around the edges?? I would agree. BUTT let us put it into context.

Has anyone come out and degraded this person for her unethical, deceptive, law-breaking  actions against a person that gave her the biggest break she had in life, only to abuse it somewhere down the road?? Hell NO.

PDT’s rebuttal was NOT directed to any race, nationality or religious persuasion, it was directed at a very contemptible person that actually broke the law in doing what she did. There are a lot of people who are jumping on the execution band wagon today trying to make more out of his comment than it was intended.  Why would she carry a tape recorded around with her unless she had some ulterior motives??

PDT’s comment: “When you give a crazed, crying lowlife a break, and give her a job at the White House, I guess it just didn’t work out,” the president tweeted about Manigault Newman. “Good work by General Kelly for quickly firing that dog!”

I just may agree with PDT. This man has been called everything but a white man from more people than China has rice. It is rare that we ever hear anyone come to his defense.

Three of the biggest fools that come to mind, Baldwin – Di Nero- and Jackson, who all, in one way or another either told PDT to go fuck himself or called him a mother-fucker. How do we justify that?? How many people took PDT’s side??

Unfortunately, the Boulder Rolling, left-wing PC-ers are not going to let this one disappear.
Donald Trump cut his teeth in an environment where it is dog eat dog and attacks on a person have to be answered in kind, not with kid-gloves or white-washed.  That has and will  continue to work against him.

As far as this publicity seeking, opportunistic person is concerned, she threw the first stone. She had the world by the nuts, BUTT did not appreciate what she had. If there is anyone that played the race card it was her.  The world could have been her oyster if she was a team player.


Unfortunately, there are people in this world that deliberately have a game plan to slip on the ice in front of some high-priced store so they sue the owner for not cleaning his sidewalk. They are so good,  they make a living at it.

This woman is no stranger to controversy.  Like her current adversary, she has a very low boiling point.


On The Oprah Winfrey Show, Omarosa accused fellow Apprentice participant Ereka Vetrini of calling her the “n-word“, a claim Vetrini has denied.[22] Shortly after that appearance, Omarosa failed to show up for a scheduled appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show after she reportedly objected upon seeing a polygraph machine.[23]

Following her stint on Celebrity Apprentice: All Stars, Omarosa lashed out at La Toya Jackson over Jackson’s remarks that insinuated that Omarosa had murdered her fiancé, Michael Clarke Duncan. Jackson made the remarks in Celebrity Apprentice confessionals and in following media interviews.[24] Omarosa said:

I’ve been in reality TV for a very long time, and I think that those were probably some of the most disgusting, despicable statements I’ve ever heard. And it will go down as some of the ugliest comments ever spoken on reality TV, but I have an incredible legal team who I’ve handed that all over to, and I’m sure they will handle her accordingly.[25]

That must have also must have been a very slippery sidewalk!!

I would hope for PDT’s sake, he could get a handle on that temper of his. I know that will never happen. He is his own worst enemy in many circumstances. BUTT, he has only accomplished what he has for who he is!!

A the old story goes; a person can do 1,000 things right and only make a few mistakes in between. What are they remembered for the most???


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1 Response to Depends on who you ask!!

  1. For the media to say Trump is being racist for insulting Omarosa, why don’t they say she is a reverse racist for lying about white Trump? Everything isn’t racist. Sometimes it’s : “he who throws the first stone better be free of sin herself”. And she is not.

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