GIRL, go get a real job!!!

Omarosa releases purported secret recording of Chief of Staff John Kelly ‘threatening’ her in the Situation Room

There has to be some legal technicality that this malicious spy can be charged with.  She is one evil, devious bitch. It was no accident that she had a tape recorder hidden on her or in her somewhere; which only leads me to believe she had a plan from the very beginning to put the screws to PDT if he ruffled her feathers.

I dubbed her: The New Queen of Mean – she just robbed the prestigious title from Leona

th.jpg     top10_tax_leona_helmsley

They kind of look like cousin; only a few shades different.  Same smile.

Omarosa is getting exactly what she wants. Publicity, fame and fortune out of her relationship with PDT.

Along with the tape recording; in one sentence  this Jezebel claims he heard PTD use the word nigger and in another sentence she said she did hear him directly.

The major problem any bull-shitter has, most of them have very poor memories. They can not remember the last lie they told and have to tell 10 others to cover up the first one.

I don’t know what PDT is/was looking at when he hired his staff and cabinet members. I don’t recall any other president having such bad luck or judgement with their picks.  The  turnover is so great, they should have installed a revolving door at the Casa Bianca’s entrance.

From what Donald Trump put up with on his show The Apprentice with the new Queen of Mean, I would have thought she would be the last person to be anointed by him.

If the two parties can not agree on anything, there is one thing that is 100% indisputable. PDT has some tough hide. I never have seen anyone take the amount of abuse he has from all side and still comes back swinging. He is one tough customer.

BUTT I don’t know if he can survive for the duration. It has to be taking a toll on him. The guy is getting nailed from every angle, many of these adversaries are people he liked and trusted.  You know; like your brother stabbing you in the back, it is hard to accept. That alone has to be a big let-down. Is it a matter of poor judgement or deception at its finest??

With that being said; we must acknowledge all of his accomplishment while in office.

For future references, PDT needs a to appoint new personal director; OR, if it is he making the picks, he better take the course, A 1 A, how to hire quality, loyal people.

I made the offer before  and it still stands. I am still available. I can’t do much worse than whomever is doing the tapping now!!

Omarosa; if you are reading this, I hope you are; like I tell the pain-in-the-ass telemarketers that keep pestering me all day long, go get a real job!!.


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